Breast Cancer Awareness Award

Each year we sponsor an event entitled "Denim and Pink Day" for faculty, staff, and students alike pay to wear jeans to work/school on the Thursday of Breast Cancer Awareness Week. This money is then awarded to a student in the KU community who has been affected by breast cancer. Whether someone is personally or a survivor, fighter, or impacted by a family member or close friend; maybe you do extensive volunteer work around breast cancer awareness or are forwarding research around breast cancer - this award could be for you. This is a need-based award and applications will be available in late October.  

We are seeking applicants who have come into financial difficulty and have been affected by breast cancer. You may personally be a survivor, or a fighter, or have someone in your family that is, or you may be someone who has done extensive volunteer work that benefits breast cancer awareness. The application asks for some basic information about you, and a short essay that describes your personal situation and why you believe you’re deserving of the award. (The amount of the award is based on success of this year’s Denim and Pink Day.) 

Please remember this is a need-based award that will be given to a student based on the form of four criteria.

Those are as follows: 

• Ability to show significant financial need 

• Exhausted other avenues for financial help 

• Demonstrates academic and career goals 

• Overall story relating to Breast Cancer 

Applications: Please check back for update deadline

Best wishes,
Emily Taylor Center for Women and Gender Equity and Watkins Health Services

(Please be aware all award entry questions will be viewed by a committee for review.)

This form does NOT save! We recommend you complete your answers in a separate document and copy the answers into this form. If you are experiencing issues with the webform or have any questions please contact us at and someone will get back to you shortly! 

Limit 250 words
Limit 250 words
Limit 250 words
Limit 250 words

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