Ways to be Part of the Solution – Ending Sexual Assault

Get involved!  Volunteer with the Emily Taylor Center, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, the Care Center, or the Willow Domestic Violence Center and join in groups, programs and initiatives addressing these issues – including:

Speak up when you see others engage in behavior that is controlling, concerning and/or could lead to sexual assault. Learn more at the bystander education page.

Talk with friends about actions you can take in groups and living organizations.

Use the buddy system - look out for your friends.

Be aware of and avoid victim-blaming behaviors and mentalities. Learn more about this from Project Not Asking For It.

Know the facts about sexual assault and inform your peers.

Get informed - take advantage of learning opportunities on campus including valuable information you'll find on our site.

Start your own discussion group or organization to take action and identify ways you can make a difference. Living group leaders/staff can help.  Start an organization at Rock Chalk Central.

Share your thoughts with the Chancellor on what can be done to make our campus safer.

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