Feminist Parenting

The purpose of our Feminist Parenting programming is to support student-, staff-, and faculty-parents as well as other interested individuals in exploring strategies for raising intersectional feminist children. We seek to empower parents and caregivers to raise children who challenge gender stereotypes and systems of oppression; support equity and social justice; show compassion for themselves and others; respect diversity and difference; and live authentically with vulnerability and empathy.

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Wednesday, November 20th, 12-1:30 pm

Feminist Parenting with Tiq Milan

Alderson Auditorium (Kansas Union, Level 4)

Co-sponsored by SGD

Lunch provided


Tiq Milan (he/him) is a public speaker and thought leader who travels throughout North America sharing his story of being transgender and how that informs his views on masculinity, race and gender. Tiq is also a writer and media advocate, focusing on pop culture, inclusive leadership, transgender rights, and equity.


On parenting his child, Tiq says: “My kid has a cisgendered queer mom and a transgendered dad. We want her to grow up in a world where gender isn’t a binary system, gender is a spectrum of possibilities. She’s going to know that as a truth in her life; she’s going to know that gender looks so many different ways, and that her gender can look however she chooses as she gets older. Her journey in gender is not a process of coming out, it just is. We also want her to know that families can look a whole bunch of ways. We’re being really intentional about meeting other queer parents, other queer parents of color, other gay parents, so that she has a really open idea around family and around love."


For more information about Tiq, visit: http://www.tiqmilan.com/

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