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We are continuing to offer services and programs using various virtual platforms.


While we are saddened to announce the cancellation of our planned face to face programs with the closure of the KU campus, Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity remains rooted in justice and community care, which means protecting each other during this time.


The COVID-19 pandemic is shedding light on many feminist issues, including health care access, flexible work environments, and xenophobia/racism, as well as the reality that women make up 70% of workers in the health and social sector and do the vast majority of caretaking work worldwide.


We understand that we are only as healthy and as safe as the least cared for person in our society and because of that we recommit to centering the poor, chronically ill, uninsured, single parents/caretakers, non-binary/trans folk, femmes, and women, many of whom will have no other option than continue to work during this pandemic, risking the safety of themselves and their families.


We call on our community to practice love, compassion, and empathy during this time as we imagine people are moving through this world with much anxiety and uncertainty. Find ways to lean towards each other, safely and carefully.


Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity is continuing to provide services and host programs using a variety of virtual platforms.


If you would like to schedule an e-meeting with a staff member, please email emilytaylorcenter@ku.edu or email us directly via our contact information below.


We hope for you all protection during this time.


In community,

Bulaong Ramiz


Megan Williams



Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity

aims to INFORM, INVOLVE, and EMPOWER our community.


ETCWGE offers a variety of programs and services, including individual consultations for those seeking information, resources, and support.






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