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Asuncion-Lande, Nobleza

Asuncion-Lande, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Nobleza Asuncion-Lande
  • Innovator and leader in Intercultural Communication
  • Founder of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research
  • Co-founder of the International and Intercultural Division of the National Communication Association
  • Published over 40 articles on a variety of topics dealing with communication

Nobleza Castro Asuncion-Lande was born in 1932 in Cabanatuan, Phillippines. Her parents both held doctorates and saw to it that their daughter had the same opportunity for educational advancement. Dr. Asuncion-Lande received her BA from the University of the Philippines. Prior to obtaining a master's and doctorate in communication studies from Michigan State University, she taught at Ateneo de Manila University. Dr. Asuncion-Lande was a 1995 Fulbright Scholar in Singapore where she furthered her studies in communication. She came to KU in 1968 and eventually became a full professor in the communications department, specializing in intercultural communications.

Dr. Asuncion-Lande was beloved by her students and had a lasting impact on the KU community. Her colleagues viewed Dr. Asuncion-Lande as an innovator and true leader in the field of intercultural communications. Dr. Asuncion-Lande's research brought about great scientific achievements that gained her immense respect and made her the "go-to" person at the university and within the communications community. Many saw Dr. Asuncion-Lande as the perfect representative of the United States not only because of her dedication to education but also because of her work helping people from other countries across the globe better understand and feel American culture. 

Her achievements in the field of communication are truly astounding. In addition to her teaching and research responsibilities, Dr. Asuncion-Lande co-founded the International and Intercultural Division of the National Communication Association as well as the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research. She also served as the editor of the Pacific and Asian Communication Association's journal, "Human Communication," and sat on the editorial board of the Howard Journal of Communication and the World Communication Association. She published over 40 articles on a variety of topics dealing with communication and presented at over 60 conferences.

What was most dear to Dr. Asuncion-Lande's heart was not the awards she received, but the time she spent with her students. Dr. Asuncion-Lande was well known at KU for the time she took with students and her willingness to serve as a guide and mentor. In 2010 the university mourned the loss of Dr. Nobleza Castro Asuncion-Lande, but her legacy lives on through those she taught and the countless lives she touched. 

Honors & Achievements: 
  • Served as a division chairperson of the Intercultural Communication Divisions of the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association.
  • Beta Delta Honor Society Award for Excellence in International Education in 1999
  • 2001 citation from Rochester Intercultural Conferences as “a lifelong pioneer in intercultural and international communication ethics.”
  • Perspectives on Experiential Learning in Intercultural Communication. Asuncion-Lande, Nobleza C (1978). Distributed by ERIC Clearinghouse, [Washington, D.C.]
  • Building bridges across cultures : perspectives on intercultural communication - theory and practice. Pascasio, Emy M & Asuncion-Landé, Nobleza C​ (1981). Solidaridad Pub. House, Manila

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