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Kohrs Campbell, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Karlyn Kohrs Campbell
  • 2008: Macalester College’s Distinguished Citizen Alumni Award
  • 2008: Outstanding Mentor Award, President’s Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program, University of Minnesota
  • Francine Merritt Award winner for significant contributions to women in the National Communication Association  and in the Communication Discipline, Women’s Caucus of the NCA
  • Five-time Distinguished Scholar Award recipient of the National Communication Association
  • National Communication Association Awards for Research, Published Books, and Exceptional Originality and Influence



Karlyn Kohrs Campbell was born in Blomkest, Minnesota and resides there to this day. She received her BA from Macalester College in 1958, then her masters and doctorate from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Campbell has taught at many universities across America and abroad. During her time as a professor at the University of Kansas, Dr. Campbell served as the director of the Women Gender and Sexuality Studies program. She was a beloved KU professor, receiving the Mortar Board Outstanding Educator Award twice, once in 1976 then again in 1981. Dr. Campbell was again honored for her work with students in 1977 when she was named an Outstanding Woman Educator by the Emily Taylor Center. Dr. Campbell has been recognized, honored, and written about by nearly every major women’s institution in America. Her work revolves primarily around rhetorical criticism, but she often focuses women’s issues in regards to communication. She currently serves as a professor of communication studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and continues her work on women in communication.

Dr. Campbell is a prolific and respected author. Some of her most notable works include Man Cannot Speak for Her: A Critical Study of Early Feminist Rhetoric and Women Public Speakers in the United States, 1925-present. Dr. Campbell has served as a Fellow at the Shorenstein Center for the Study of Press, Public Policy, and Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government as well as a distinguished lecturer at many universities across the globe. 

Honors & Achievements: 
  • Honoree of the Eleventh Public Address Conference, Madison, WI, September 2008
  • Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Michigan State University, 2004
  • Elizabeth Andersch Award for Contributions to the Study of Communication, U of Ohio, 2004
  • Distinguished Woman Scholar Award, Humanities and Social Sciences, Office of Vice President for Research, U of Minnesota, 2002
  • Ehninger Research Award, National Communication Association, 1991
  • Winans-Wichelns Book Award, National Communication Association, co-recipient, 1990
  • Charles M. Woolbert Award for Scholarship of Exceptional Originality and Influence, National Communication Association, 1987
  • Who's Who in America, 1984-; Who's Who of American Women, 13th edition-
  • Hope (all-university) Teaching Award, University of Kansas, Finalist,1977; Semi-Finalist,1982

"I feel extremely lucky about my career. There were many lucky accidents that shaped it. I was talking to a close friend about it recently, and she said, you made lemonade out of lemons. That’s not quite right. I’d call it turning bad luck into good luck. In almost every case in which I thought something had gone wrong, I was mistaken; instead, what happened made my life take a fortunate, life-expanding turn. Most of all, I’ve been lucky to have a career in which work and play were virtually indistinguishable. I love what I do. When I began my career, I hoped that I would be able to spark a love of rhetoric and criticism in my students, and I’ve been incredibly successful. I am very proud of my former students." -- Dr. Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

  • Co-author of Deeds Done in Words: Presidential Rhetoric and the Genres of Governance (1990)
  • Presidents Creating the Presidency (2008)
  • The Interplay of Influence: News, Advertising, Politics, and the Mass Media (6th ed., 2006)
  • Critiques of Contemporary Rhetoric (1997)
  • The Rhetorical Act (4th ed., 2008)

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