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Clodfelter, Mildred

Year Inducted: 
Mildred Clodfelter
  • Worked for the University of Kansas for over half a century
  • 1974: received KU Distinguished Service Award for Alumni Relations
  • President of the Association of University Women
  • Has worked for KU’s Elderhostel program since its founding
  • Mildred Clodfelter Alumni Award created in her honor

“Staying in touch with people isn’t work… I love everything I do and all the people I’ve met over the years.”  This is how this outstanding individual views her 47 years of service to the University of Kansas.  Her enthusiastic approach has had a tremendous impact on the Kansas Alumni Association for over 42 years and has earned her descriptions such as “the personification of KU” and “one of KU’s most effective goodwill ambassadors.”

Mildred Clodfelter began contributing to the University in 1936 as a freshman, when she worked for Watkin’s Memorial Hospital.  She graduated from the University of Kansas Business School in 1941 and began working full-time for the KU Alumni Association that same year.  She has served in numerous capacities from receptionist, assistant secretary-treasurer, business manager, and assistant secretary in charge of research and correspondence.

One of Ms. Clodfelter’s hallmarks is her willingness to delay pressing matters from the day to the evening in order to visit with returning alumni or counsel students.  Richard Wintermote, former special projects director for the Endowment Association, said “…I have never been witness to a more dedicated and unselfish worker…”

B.J. Pattee from the Alumni Association stated Ms. Clodfelter has made invaluable contributions by enticing hundreds of students to attend KU.  Her willingness to provide students with information bearing directly on their interests as well as her warm and generous attitude leave her matchless as an outstanding personal representative of the University of Kansas.

Ms.Clodfelter’s experience has not been limited to the Alumni Association.  She has served as President of both the Association of University Women and of Beta Sigma Phi, the business women’s sorority.  She also served on the board of KU’s original Faculty Club, worked for KU’s Elderhostel program since its founding, and served as Alumni Association representative for the dedication plans of the addition to Haworth Hall.

The awards she has received are numerous.  She received the Distinguished Service Award in 1974, the highest award given in mid-America for distinguished service in alumni relations, was a finalist for KU Classified Employee of the Year Award in 1976 and 1978, and was selected by the senior classes of 1978, ’79, and ’80 as an honorary member of their graduating classes.

Mildred Clodfelter exudes all of the outstanding qualities characteristic of those inducted into the Hall of Fame.  As Todd Seymour, former president of Endowment Association says of her, “…this University is a much better place because of her many years of dedication and love.”

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