Cudd, Ann

Cudd, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Ann Cudd
  • Former Director of the KU Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
  • 2007: won the Byron Caldwell Smith Award for her book  Analyzing Oppression
  • One of Founders and Presidents of the Society for Analytical Feminism
  • 2001: W.T Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2005: Mortar Board Distinguishing Teaching Award
  • KU Distinguished Professor Award

As Director of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Dr. Ann Cudd has made important contributions in academics to the University of Kansas, teaching in both Philosophy and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her colleague, Professor Ann Schofield, describes Dr. Cudd as a “pioneering feminist scholar, an outstanding teacher and a stellar role model.” Dr. Cudd’s latest book, Analyzing Oppression, won the 2007 Byron Caldwell Smith Award. According to Dr. Schofield, the book “represents Ann’s way of being in the world – an activist intellectual who is never content to simply understand injustice but to always seek ways of remedying unjust situations.”

As a teacher, Dr. Cudd has been recognized for her excellence. Dr. Tom Tuozzo, Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department, describes her teaching as, “in a word, inspirational.” Her teaching awards include: The Mortar Board Distinguishing Teaching Award (2005), The W.T Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence Award (2001), and the KU Center for Teaching Excellence (1999). Anne Morgan, a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy, states that “she distinguishes herself as a leader who brings out the best in those to whom she lends her guidance.”

Dr. Cudd is recognized as a leader through her activities beyond writing and teaching, illustrating her unyielding commitment to her field. She is one of the founders and presidents of the Society for Analytical Feminism. She also serves on many committees of the American Philosophical Association, including the Committee on the Status of Women. As the director of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, she has been a leader in guiding the future of the department, which has resulted in national recognition of the program.

Dr. Cudd also makes extraordinary contributions through her community service. She organized the Hilltop Hustle, a 5K run/walk in her community, which has been an important fundraiser for the Hilltop Child Care Center since 2000. She assisted a graduate student from Sierra Leone in bringing her children to the United States during a period of civil strife. Subsequently, when the graduate student was forced to return to Sierra Leone, Dr. Cudd’s amazing generosity as a foster parent allowed the child to finish his secondary education, and he is now enrolled in college. Ann Cudd is a leader with a vision, commitment and integrity that is evidenced in her writing, teaching, activities and community service.

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