Hall, Adele

Year Inducted: 
Adele Hall
  • First female President of the Heart of America United Way
  • Co-Founder of The Central Exchange
  • Co-Creator of the Women's Public Service Network

Adele Coryelle Hall dedicated her life to helping others and in doing so made a lasting impact on Kansas as well as the nation.

Mrs. Hall was a long-time advocate for issues facing women. In 1977, after 24 years of committed service, Hall became the first woman president of the Heart of America United Way. Ten years later she created the Women’s Public Service Network with the help of community and business leaders in order to foster a forum for social issues affecting women. In 1999 she was one of twelve forward thinking  women that created The Central Exchange, a non-profit organization that promotes the personal and professional growth and development of women, fosters community service and business leadership by women. Dr. Connie Campbell echoes the feelings of many in saying that “Adele Hall has nurtured an openness to talent and a willingness to support women as leaders in our community that is unparalleled.”

Mrs. Hall was one of the most active philanthropists and community volunteers in Kansas. Victor Bailey of the Hall Center for the Humanities wrote that “I know of no one who has done more for Kansas City and the University of Kansas than Adele Hall.” In addition to her unwavering service to the Kansas City community, Mrs. Hall was a dedicated KU patron and fan. In 2003 she received the KU Distinguished Service Citation as well as being named an honorary alumna for her service to Kansas, her community, and the University of Kansas. Mrs. Hall’s Family Foundation has donated millions of dollars to aid the University of Kansas in the development of the Hall Center for the Humanities, KU Cancer Center, and various campus buildings and programs. 

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