Langley, Martha

Year Inducted: 
Martha Langley
  • Finance Director of KU’s Hilltop Childcare Center
  • Central role in establishing a premier Center for multiple generations
  • Made  child care scholarship assistance and reasonable childcare fees for University families possible
  • Improved salaries and working conditions for Hilltop staff
  • Instrumental in locating scholarships, government funding, and undertaking fundraising

Martha Langley began her career at the Hilltop Childcare Center in 1973 and for a majority of her employment has served as Finance Director.  Martha is noted as being one of the driving forces that turned Hilltop from a struggling program to the strong Center that it is today. Dr. Ann Eversole, Associate Dean of Students, states that Martha’s “unflagging attention to detail coupled with her sensitivity and grace have made her truly the foundation of this child care center whose founding was based on demands of students, faculty, and staff insisting on improving the status of women on the KU campus.”  Dr. David Ambler, Vice Chancellor Emeritus, comments, “Suffice it to say that her creative leadership and commitment to the Center are the most important elements in its ability to sustain itself and be recognized as one of the best university-sponsored childcare programs in the country.”

Because of Martha’s skill as a financial administrator, she could have likely, at any time, traded her position at KU for a more lucrative position elsewhere. But her loyalty to the University of Kansas kept her here. She is noted for her sensitivity to staff and families, her creativity in capably managing resources and solving problems and her ability to “stretch dollars” to serve a greater number of children and families.  She is a great resource for Hilltop staff and families and has been instrumental in locating scholarships, government funding, and undertaking fundraising to meet the financial needs of the Center. Pat Pisani, Executive Director of Hilltop, illustrated this point with these comments: “her creativity and skill have made it possible for Hilltop to provide child care scholarship assistance for university families and keep child care fees reasonable while improving salaries and working conditions for our staff.”

Martha Langley has had a central role in establishing a premiere Center not only for this generation but for generations to come. Dr. Ambler wrote, “When it appeared that Hilltop was doomed to live forever in inadequate facilities, Martha convinced others that a new, modern facility was within our ability to accomplish. And whether it was concern for facilities or finances, Martha never lost sight of the importance of quality care for the children who came to the center.”

Martha Langley’s devotion to improving the lives of children and families has made a significant contribution to the KU community and beyond.               

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