Logan, Sadye

Logan, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Sadye Logan
  • 1987: named a University of Kansas Hall Center Fellow
  • Former Director of the New York City Department of Human Resources
  • Author of the Workbook on Social Practice with Black Families
  • Coordinator of the first Midwest Regional Conference on Black Families, Children, and Youth
  • 1984: recipient of KU New Faculty Research Award
  • 1990: received Certificate in Meditation Instruction in Ganespuri, India

Sadye Logan, Social Worker and Professor in the School of Social Welfare at the University of Kansas from 1984-2000, had a varied career that allowed her to influence the fields of child development, mental health, and, most prominently, in paving the way for social work’s customized approach to working with African American families.

Dr. Logan received her BA in Speech Therapy/Psychology in 1965 from South Carolina State College, her Masters in Social Welfare from Hunter College in New York City in 1972, and her DSW in Social Work Practice from Columbia University in 1980.  She qualified in the exam areas of social work practice and theory, the family, and community and mental health.  In 1973, she spent a summer at the University of Manchester in Manchester, England.  In 1975, she had received her Certificate in Psychotherapy from State University of New York in NYC, and she later earned her Certificate in Family Therapy from the Department of Psychiatry at the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY in 1984.  A lifelong learner, she earned a Certificate in Meditation Instruction in August of 1990 from Ganespuri, India.

Sadye Logan served several years with the New York City Department of Human Resources before moving on to academia.  She began as a caseworker from 1965-67 in the Division of Day Care in the Bureau of Child Welfare, and then progressed to the unit supervisor (1967-70) there.  She then was promoted to the Agency for Child Development at the Human Resources Center, first as Deputy Director (1972-74) and then as Director (1974-75).  At this job, she managed over 125 child centers in NYC.  In 1977, she served as a program planner/evaluator for the Division of Adult Protective Services as an administrator for the Department.

Before coming to the University of Kansas in 1984 as an Associate Professor, she spent time at two other academic institutions.  From 1977-1981 she worked as an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Mental Health Training Program at the University of Texas-Austin. She then served for three years as an Assistant Professor at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York, New York.  At Fordham, she also served as Director of the undergraduate social welfare program (1983-1984) and the Director of Minority Mental Health Training Program.

Dr. Logan worked tirelessly to promote the development of African Americans and culturally competent practices in her field.  In fact, her dissertation was entitled “The Black Baptist Church: A Social Psychological Study In Coping and Growth.”  She is the author of numerous published articles and the book Workbook on Social Practice with Black Families.  In 1991, she coordinated and hosted at KU the first Midwest Regional Conference on Black Families, Children, and Youth.  With Edith Freeman, a fellow African American Social Welfare Professor, she organized a May 1994 black family health conference in Overland Park, KS, “Reconceptualizing Health Care for the Black Family.”  This program was funded by a grant from the Kansas health Foundation.

She is the recipient of many awards for her outstanding scholarship.  She received a Social Welfare Rehabilitation Fellowship from 1975-1976 and a Whitney Young Intern Fellowship (of $10,000) from 1981-1982.  At the University of Kansas, she received the 1984 New Faculty Research Award and was named a Hall Center Fellow in 1987.

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