Meyers, Eleanor Scott

Eleanor Scott
Meyers, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Eleanor Scott Meyers
  • In 1991 she was chosen as the first woman president of Pacific School of Religion in Berkely, CA
  • Past Campus Minister at the University of Kansas
  • Author of several well respected books on ministry and theology such as Envisioning the New City: A Reader in Urban Ministry

Eleanor Scott Meyers (formerly Burchill) was born on January 6, 1940 in Mission, Kansas. She went on to study at Florida State University then earned her Master of Religion and the Arts from Yale Divinity School. Meyers obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to round out her formal education. Having a sincere interest and great talent in art, Meyers studied under several reputable artists throughout the United States during and between her professional appointments.

Eleanor has a lifetime of experience to share including years as Professor of Church and Society at Union Theological School in New York City, and as the first female President of Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA. Eleanor began teaching in elementary schools and then went on to get a Masters of Divinity degree as well as a PhD. in Sociology. She worked with campus YM-YWCAs and as a minister of the United Church of Christ. Her academic credentials include many journal articles and books, as well as nonfiction stories for children.

In her spare time she is an accomplished painter. Eleanor also became involved in a tutoring program hosted by the retirement community in which she currently resides, and sits on the board of, because she wanted to be in touch with what public education was like for middle school children in the area. Eleanor retired to Pilgrim Place in 2006 and chairs the Fine Arts Booth for the annual November Pilgrim Place Festival, a shining example of the motivation at the core of each Hall of Fame member. 

Honors & Achievements: 
  • Elementary teacher: Tallahassee, FLA and Los Alamos, NM
  •  Campus Minister: University of Kansas, Lawrence;
  •  World Student Christian Federation, Toronto, Canada and U.S.
  •  Parish Minister: 1st Congregational, UCC, Madison, WI
  •  Professor of Church and Society Union Theological Seminary, New York City, NY
  •  Dean of Faculty: Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO
  •  President: Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
  •  Program Dean and Professor: Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

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