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Shelley Jane
Year Inducted: 
Shelley Jane Miller
  • Bibliographer and Head of SPLAT -- the Department of Spain, Portugal and Latin America at Watson Library
  • Senior Acquisitions Specialist in the Hispanic Acquisitions Program for the Library of Congress
  • Active in many community organizations
  • President of the East Lawrence Improvement Project
  • Founding member of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods

Shelley Jane Miller is described as a person who lives overwhelmingly for the benefit of others.  William J. Crowe, Dean of Libraries, says that he “does not know of any other woman whose life as a KU alumna, a KU faculty member qua librarian, and an advocate for community . . . is a better example to the students with whom we come in contact . . . .  She epitomizes this community’s commitment to link learning and service for the benefit of others.” 

After receiving her Master’s degree in Library Science, Ms. Miller worked at the Library of Congress, and on her leaving that post, she merely gave two words -- Kansas Calls.  She has the Kansas trait of openness, being able to establish rapport with others virtually on the spot.  She is accepting of people as they are and respects them as individuals.  Other traits attributed to her include integrity, forthrightness, good humor and congenial wit, in addition to her joy in learning and discovery.

At KU, Ms. Miller was first a cataloger, then a bibliographer and head of SPLAT -- the Department of Spain, Portugal and Latin America at Watson Library.  Jon S. Vincent, former Professor of Spanish, stated she “is the best Latin American bibliographer KU has ever had…she is the quintessential professional, a person who not only does her job extraordinarily well but  who also makes an effort to make every year better than the previous one.”  During her years at KU, she made as many friends over the Internet as she has on campus, and is deeply respected for her knowledge and helpfulness by her many contacts throughout the network, both in the United States and abroad.

Ms. Miller was also deeply involved in community volunteer and activist causes. Barry Shalinsky, J.D., stated, “What makes this woman such a special person is the heart, the intellect, the ability to laugh, her passion for justice, and her attention to human details.”  She was active in the East Lawrence Improvement Association, LINK, Community Mercantile, and her neighborhood school, among others.  Tim Miller, Professor of Religion, stated, “Her deep sense of commitment to so many issues was marvelously paired with her unparalleled ability to have a good time.”               

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