Price, Cora Lee

Cora Lee
Beers Price, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Cora Lee Price
  • Received Ph.D. from Stanford University in the 1930’s – a pioneer in academia
  • Scheduling Officer for the Department of Classics and Supervisor of new Assistant Instructors
  • Fellowship Committee member for the American Association of University Women
  • 1979: Mortar Board Outstanding Educator of the Year 

Dr. Cora Lee Beers Price is described as a phenomenal educator, a first-rate scholar, a role model and mentor to students, and individual that has made a substantial impact in the KU and Lawrence communities.  A pioneer in the academic field, she paved the way for the female students of today.  Dr. Edwyna Condon Gilbert, Associate Professor of English Emerita, says of Dr. Price, “She went to college on a scholarship at a time when most women were not going beyond high school, if indeed, they went that far.”  Dr. Price graduated cum laude from Beloit College in Wisconsin with a double major in English and Latin, a teacher’s certificate, and a fellowship for graduate study at Claremont Colleges in California.  Furthermore, Professor M. Evelyn Swartz says of her academic endeavors, “Professor Price received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in the 1930’s, a time when few women were enrolled in graduate programs and fewer still received a Ph.D.”  During her twenty-eight semesters as a full time KU professor, she influenced the lives of many students and faculty in both the English and Classics departments.  She served as scheduling Officer for the Department of Classics and supervisor of new Assistant Instructors.  In addition, she was awarded Mortar Board Outstanding Educator in 1979. 

She addition to her roles as educator and scholar, she also raised six children and volunteered in the community.   Her musical talents served her well as a church organist and president of the Lawrence Music Club.  She also was initiated into the Sigma Alpha Iota National Music Sorority.  She was on the Fellowship Committee for the American Association of University Women, attended an atomic energy conference, and participated in an educational television series called “Continental Classroom.”  Her children have followed in their mother’s academic footsteps, with several KU graduates and higher education degrees among them.  Dr. Price set an example to women in academia.  Her hard work, intense desire to be a teacher, and active role in the community paved the way for women who attend college today.  Associate Professor of Classics Emerita Elizabeth C. Banks says “I could not have had a better introduction to KU than that provided by Cora Lee.  She showed me what a woman can do, how she can function simultaneously and successfully in a variety of environments, and be in control of each.” 

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