Schumaker, Jean

Bragg Schumaker, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Jean Schumaker
  • Nationally known researcher and educator of learning disabilities
  • Director of the Center for Research on Learning at KU
  • Creator of products used in well over a thousand school districts across the world
  • Producer of numerous videos and other training materials used by over than 200 universities and colleges
  • Held leadership roles in the INROADS Program (targeted to precollegiate minority youth) and the GOALS Program for student athletes

Dr. Jean Bragg Schumaker is a nationally known researcher and educator in the field of learning disabilities.  Dr. Donald Deshler, former Professor of Special Education, stated, "[She] has made  outstanding contributions to the University, its students and faculty, and to the thousands of teachers and students with learning disabilities and other at-risk learners both nationally and internationally...she has set an outstanding example for women." 

Dr. Bragg Schumaker is an outstanding scholar.  She is internationally recognized for her research related to the design and validation of intervention systems for at-risk adolescents and young adults.  She has over one hundred publications in this area.  Because of her leadership, the Center for Research on Learning has become established as one of the most productive research centers in the field of learning disabilities and low achievement. 

One of the most notable features of Dr. Bragg Schumaker’s record as a professional is the fact that she has been productive in a broad array of areas.  Specifically, she has not only conducted research related to at-risk populations, but she has also translated the results of this intervention research into a host of products that are used in well over a thousand school districts throughout the world.  She has produced numerous videos and other training materials which have been adopted by more than two hundred universities and colleges for the purpose of preparing prospective teachers to use the instructional systems designed by the Center.  She also plays a central role in maintaining the financial strength of the Center.  She was a key figure for the generation of over $18 million in external funding, as well as the time and support necessary to meet those expectations. 

Student accomplishments are recognized with celebration and encouragement.  Three of her doctoral students have received the "Outstanding Dissertation Research Award" from the field's professional funds since 1978.  Dr. Bragg Schumaker is also described as an outstanding teacher.  According to Dr. Sue Vernon, former Research Associate, "She has high expectations of her students, but provides the necessary instruction and organization for them to meet them.”  She has also provided significant service to students and faculty at the University through her leadership role in two specific projects:  the INROADS Program (targeted to precollegiate minority youth) and the GOALS Program for student athletes.  Both groups have experienced highly significant increases in grades and self-concept. 

  • There will always be people who will try to put you down and slow you down. Don't listen to them! Listen to yourself, and follow your own instincts.
  • You can always get a lot more accomplished if you have a partner or if you create a team of productive people to work with you toward a goal. 

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