Shaw, Susanne

Susanne M.
Shaw, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Susanne Shaw
  • One of best-known and well-respected journalism academicians in the United States
  • 2008: Recipient of the national Gerald M. Sass Award for Distinguished Service to Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Twice Associate Dean of the School of Journalism
  • Past Executive Director of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications and received their Presidential Award
  • Honored with the Freedom Forum’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Received the H. Bernerd Fink Award for Distinguished Classroom Teaching

Susanne Shaw was described by a colleague as, “an outstanding teacher-counselor-academic adviser, a major contributor of service to the University and School, and a nationally respected expert on academic standards.  Few could match her service to the University.”   This statement reflects Dr. Shaw’s tireless efforts and altruistic nature. 

Dana Leibengood, former Associate Dean of Journalism, stated, “She is always willing to take additional responsibilities that are in the best interests of the School even though she is employed only half-time by the School and half-time by the Accrediting Council.”  Former Dean Mike Kautsch added, “She consistently puts the University first and herself second.  She asks for little but gives much.  She works quietly, but with tremendous effectiveness.” 

However, the University community is not the only domain where Dr. Shaw is well-known and highly respected.  As Carol Rich, Associate Professor, stated, “She may very well be the best-known, and certainly the most respected, journalism academician in the country.”  Similar sentiments were expressed by Del Brinkman, former Vice Chancellor:  “She has a national following of professional journalists who have come to rely on her wisdom and candor.  Moreover, her national recognition forms a bridge with the University, providing opportunities for students and the School of Journalism.” Dean Kautsch highlighted her ability to form that bond:  “Her national impact on behalf of the School and the University is extraordinary, and her national network of contacts is helpful to the School in placing students and recruiting new faculty members . . . and helping the School win a $1 million grant.” Her past and present students are equally impressed.  As DeNeen L. Brown said, “Whenever I explain how I got to The Washington Post, I start with her.”  Kady McMaster Kraske of The Kansas City Star stated, “Her sense of humor, non-judgmental attitude, candid opinions and genuine compassion are qualities I strive to emulate.”  And Philip Garcia of The Sacramento Bee reflected that, “Among those responsible for the success I have achieved as a journalist, she is first in line because it is she who took this hayseed from western Kansas, believed in him, watered him, watched him bloom and sent him on his way.”               

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