Sprague, Joey

Sprague, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Joey Sprague
  • Co-founder of the Gender Lens Book Series
  • Author of Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers
  • Mentor of the Year from the Sociologists for Women in Society

Dr. Joey Sprague is a member of the Sociology Department of the University of Kansas and is nationally and internationally respected as a feminist scholar. In the classroom, students 21 say that Dr. Sprague “exudes an energy and excitement for her subject matter that is almost impossible to resist.” Dr. Sprague devotes a great deal of time mentoring her students and helping them maneuver through all aspects of their life. One student explained that Dr. Sprague takes an active approach as a mentor, including coming to the office of her graduate students to ask what she could do for them. Dr. Sprague opens up her home to students, and allows them to meet to discuss gender research going on. When doing research projects with students, she treats her students as a fellow colleague, not as an assistant.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Sprague has co-founded the Gender Lens book series. The series models how others do research in the field and provides an opportunity for gender scholars to publish their work. She is the author of Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers, in which she critiques and challenges the way research is conducted in her discipline and argues for a more socially grounded epistemology. The need for the book can be seen by the fact that it is a required reading for many graduate programs across the country. One scholar wrote that it was so captivating, fluid, and forward-thinking that it caused her to rewrite the methods chapter in her own book. Dr. Sprague is the President of the international feminist organization, Sociologists for Women in Society and formerly chaired the Sex and Gender Section of the American Sociological Association.

Most recently Dr. Sprague received the J. Michael Young Academic Advisor Award, the Keeler Family Intra-University Professorship, and the Archie and Nancy Dykes Award for Excellence in Teaching from KU along with the Mentor of the Year from the Sociologists for Women in Society. Dr. Sprague is admired for her “social activism, her courage in taking stands (even when they are not popular!) on important issues, and her passion for social justice.” Dr. Sprague is a gifted mentor and talented scholar, who has helped pave the way for future of the field of gender studies.

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