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The purpose of our Feminist Parenting programming is to support student-, staff-, and faculty-parents as well as other interested individuals in exploring strategies for raising intersectional feminist children. We seek to empower parents and caregivers to raise children who challenge gender stereotypes and systems of oppression; support equity and social justice; show compassion for themselves and others; respect diversity and difference; and live authentically with vulnerability and empathy.

Check out our FEMINIST PARENTING Facebook group.



Are you a parenting student? Check out our HAWKS WITH HAWKLETS Facebook group. This new online group will complement the Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity's expanding programming efforts aimed at serving parenting students as well as our affiliated student organization. 



The Emily Taylor Center is proud to present a handbook for pregnant and parenting students at KU. This handbook includes on-campus resources, lactation room locations (with a campus map), scholarship information, Title IX protections, rights, and words of advice and encouragement. We created this handbook to provide a comprehensive resource for students who are also parents. Student parents have many unique responsibilities that they must balance, and it is important to provide a resource that will help student parents navigate both roles. We hope this resource answers many, if not all, of the questions student parents have as they learn to navigate as a student and as a parent at the University of Kansas. 

Pregnant and Parenting Student Resource Handbook (pdf)

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