KU Women's Hall of Fame

The University of Kansas has a rich legacy of phenomenal women, many of whom have been inducted into the KU Women's Hall of Fame since its founding in 1970.

The individuals composing the Women's Hall of Fame are exemplary members of our society in both their overall impact and their outstanding character. Inductees have accomplished feats in their respective fields and their contributions, achievements, and success serve as inspiration for us all.

See the complete list of Women's Hall of Fame members below.

Women's Hall of Fame Display

Dr. Kala Stroup, a Hall of Fame honoree, had the vision for the KU Women's Hall of Fame display honoring past and current inductees located on the 5th floor of the KU Memorial Union at the Lawrence campus.

Women's Hall of Fame Members

NameYear inductedCareer field Sort descending
Mary Joan McCann1971 Accounting
Connie Burk2015 Activism
Julie Johnson Staples2018 Advocacy
Alferdteen Harrison2016 African-American Studies, History
Ann Schofield1991 American Studies, History
Jan Sheldon2017 Applied Behavioral Science
Kathy Barnard1991 Art
Marjorie Whitney1982 Art
Helen Foresman Spencer1981 Art
Maude Ellsworth1970 Art
Evelyn DeGraw1980 Art
Saralyn Reece Hardy2017 Art and Museum Administration
Elizabeth Broun2008 Art History
Jeanne Gass Stump1970 Art History
Marilyn Stokstad1972 Art History
Alma Poehler Brook1989 Art History
Andrea Norris2001 Art History
Susan V. Craig2004 Art History
Lynette Woodard2018 Athletics
Marian Washington1979 Athletics
Kathy Suprenant2006 Biology
Cora Downs1970 Biology
Joan Hunt2007 Biology, Immunology
Ida Hyde1986 Biology, Physiology
Janet Sommer Campbell2013 Broadcasting Administration
Lydia Beebe2018 Business
Elizabeth Miller Watkins1985 Business
Marynell Dyatt Reece2007 Business
Irene Nunemaker1974 Business
Renate Mai-Dalton1995 Business
Mildred Clodfelter1986 Business Administration
Sara Paretsky1988 Business, Creative Writing
Neeli Bendapudi2014 Business, Marketing
Kristin Bowman-James1989 Chemistry
K. Barbara Jetter Schowen1988 Chemistry
Mary Lou Michaelis1998 Chemistry
Gunda I. Georg1992 Chemistry
Mabel L. Rice1990 Child Language
Jean Bragg Schumaker1993 Child Psychology
Elizabeth C. Banks1991 Classics
Cora Lee Beers Price2003 Classics
Mary Grant1975 Classics
Nobleza Asuncion-Lande2001 Communication Studies
Karlyn Kohrs Campbell1982 Communication Studies
Bonnie Ritter1977 Communication Studies
Mary Lee Hummert2003 Communication Studies
Lynn Bretz2011 Communications
Beulah Duncan1985 Community Organization
Connie Novistky1970 Community Service
Elizabeth Sherbon1979 Dance
Janet Hamburg1992 Dance
Mary Klayder2018 Education
M. Evelyn Swartz1979 Education
Vivian McCoy Rogers1980 Education
Patricia Ann Wolfe1981 Education, Administration
Mary Turkington1976 Engineering
Marylee Southard1996 Engineering
Bette Krenzer1981 Engineering
Marjorie Heard Franklin1988 Engineering
Beverly Boyd1977 English
Natalie Calderwood1990 English
Janet Sharistanian1985 English
Elizabeth Schultz1973 English
Maryemma Graham2002 English
Edwyna Condon Gilbert1984 English
Dorthy Pennington2004 English, Communication Studies
Sheila C. Bair2011 Finance
Cathy Daicoff2013 Finance, Public Administration
Barbara M. Craig1979 French & Italian
Jan Kozma1997 French & Italian
Cynthia Carroll2012 Geology, Business
Alberta L. Corbin1989 German, Higher Education
Janice Kay Mendenhall1978 Government Relations
Jannette Berkley-Patton2018 Health
Jean Pyfer1980 Health and Recreation
Katherine Rose-Mockry2011 Higher Education
Patricia Long2016 Higher Education
Barbara Watkins2002 Higher Education
Kala Mays Stroup1976 Higher Education
Jacqueline Snyder2009 Higher Education
Caryl Kelley Smith1978 Higher Education
Maritza Machado-Williams2008 Higher Education
Zelema Harris1988 Higher Education
Ann Eversole1994 Higher Education
Emily Taylor1971 Higher Education
Mary Burg2012 Higher Education Administration
Kathryn Nemeth Tuttle1998 Higher Education Administration
Nita Sundbye Sewell1972 Higher Education Administration
Marlesa Roney2008 Higher Education Administration
Linda Mullens1996 Higher Education Administration
Katherine Giele1980 Higher Education Administration
Karen Symms Gallagher1999 Higher Education Administration
Martha Peterson1972 Higher Education Administration, Mathematics
Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett1987 Higher Education Administration, Psychology
Frances Degen Horowitz1974 Higher Education Administration, Psychology
Diana B. Carlin1998 Higher Education, Communications
Toni-Marie Montgomery2003 Higher Education, Music
Bernadette Gray-Little2017 Higher Education, Psychology
Venida Chenault2016 HIgher Education, Social Welfare
Anna M. Cienciala1993 History
Rita Napier1982 History
Rose L. Greaves1991 History
Florence Teat-Montgomery1996 Housing Services
Carlotta S. Nellis1990 Housing Services
Marietta Hanna-Jackson1996 Housing Services
Lenoir Ekdahl1987 Housing Services
Rosemarie T. Truglio2015 Human Development
Judith N. LeBlanc1981 Human Development
Aletha Huston1983 Human Development
Barbara C. Etzel1975 Human Development
Margaret Wenski Amini1995 Journalism
Ann Brill2015 Journalism
Colleen McCain Nelson2017 Journalism
Susanne M. Shaw1994 Journalism
Elizabeth A. Kuznesof1994 Latin American Studies
Marilyn Ainsworth Yarbrough1982 Law
Karen Mitchell Humphreys2015 Law
Julie Robinson2015 Law
Hazel Anderson1974 Law
Mary Beck Briscoe2001 Law
Carol A. Beier2012 Law
Louise Wheeler1973 Law
Kathryn Vratil2013 Law
Ann Victoria Thomas1981 Law
Jean F. Shepherd1985 Law
Elinor P. Schroeder1984 Law
Deannell Reece Tacha1972 Law
Mary Murgia2010 Law
Janet Murgia2010 Law
Christine Kenney2004 Law
Gloria Farha Flentje2011 Law
Sarah Deer2017 Law and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Anne Levinson2016 Law, Community Activism
Margaret Frailey Hayes1970 Law, Government
Rae Sedgwick1987 Law, Psychology, Advocacy
Mary Rosenbloom2002 Library Sciences
Shelley Jane Miller1994 Library Studies
Alexandra Mason1980 Library Studies
Lorraine Haricombe2012 Library Studies
Frances Ingemann1977 Linguistics
Sara Thomas Rosen2013 Linguistics, Higher Education Administration
Anita Herzfeld1982 Linguistics, Latin American Studies
Wealthy Babcock1973 Mathematics
Florence Black1973 Mathematics
Bozenna Pasik-Duncan2009 Mathematics
Barbara Timmermann2014 Medicinal Chemistry
Sharon Lee2016 Medicine
Barbara Lukert2015 Medicine
Joan Brunfeldt1999 Medicine
Linda Warren2005 Medicine
Patricia Thomas2011 Medicine
Donna Sweet2013 Medicine
Helen Martin Gilles1971 Medicine
Barbara Atkinson2007 Medicine, Higher Education
Deborah Powell2002 Medicine, Higher Education
Carol Fabian2016 Medicine, Oncology
Joyce Castle2003 Music
Juanita Strait2000 Music
Irene Peabody1981 Music
Genevieve Hargiss1983 Music
Miriam Stewart Green1978 Music
Alicia Ann Clair1984 Music Therapy
Alice-Ann Darrow1991 Music, Dance
Polly Bales2005 Music, Philanthropy
Karen L. Miller2010 Nursing
Eleanor J. Sullivan1993 Nursing, Novelist
Kimberly Templeton2014 Orthopedic Surgery
Kathy Davis2013 Pediatric Palliative Care
Jacqueline Z. Davis2000 Performing Arts
Marily Harper Rhudy2014 Pharmacy
Evelyn Hitchcock Alden1976 Philanthropy
Judy Locy Wright2010 Philanthropy
Linda Weir-Enegren2012 Philanthropy
Gertrude Sellards Pearson1988 Philanthropy
Eleanor Malott1983 Philanthropy
Adele Hall2014 Philanthropy
Beverly Smith-Billings2005 Philanthropy, Psychology, Business
Terry Evans2017 Photographer/ Artist
Gisela A.M. Dreschoff1978 Physics, Astronomy
Pamela Soltis2004 Plant Biology
Elaine Sharp1988 Political Science
Audrey Langworthy2008 Political Science
Deborah J. Gerner1992 Political Science
Kathleen Sebelius2009 Political Science, Public Administration, Politics
Hannah Britton2011 Political Science, Women's Studies
Sandy Praeger2018 Politics
Kay Barnes2006 Politics
Leona Baumgartner1979 Politics
Betty Jo Charlton1997 Politics
Joanne M. Collins1987 Politics
Carol Marinovich2010 Politics
Nancy Kassebaum1984 Politics
Barbara W. Ballard1985 Politics, Higher Education Administration
Rochelle Chronister1990 Politics, Virology
Sherry Borgers1990 Psychology
Nyla Branscombe2004 Psychology
Beatrice Wright1971 Psychology
Nona Tollefson1986 Psychology
Annette Stanton2005 Psychology
Diane McDermott1996 Psychology
Marigold Linton2004 Psychology
Susan J. Kemper1992 Psychology
Sharon S. Brehm1989 Psychology, Higher Education
Mary Morrill Litchfield1975 Public Administration
Linda Luckey2004 Religion, Higher Education Administration
Deborah J. Teeter2014 Research & Planning
Maria Carlson2009 Russian & East European Studies
Helen Alexander2007 Science, Biology
Kathleen C. Doering1977 Science, Biology
Virginia E. Detlor1985 Science, Biology
Nancy A. Dahl1993 Science, Biology
Debra Kamps2012 Science, Disability Research
Sally Mason1996 Science, Higher Education
Barbara Anthony-Twarog, PhD1995 Science, Physics & Astronomy
Ann T. Weick1992 Social Welfare
Esther Twente1970 Social Welfare
Martha Langley2003 Social Welfare
Margo Gordon1983 Social Welfare
Edith M. Freeman1991 Social Welfare
Sadye Logan1998 Social Work
Alice Lieberman2004 Social Work
Liane Davis1996 Social Work
Annette Rieger2006 Social Work, Philanthropy
Esther Valladolid Wolf1988 Social Work, Politics
Joey Sprague2009 Sociology
Jill Sobel Quadagno1984 Sociology
Margaret Battenfeld Hashinger1988 Sociology
Sandra Albrecht1996 Sociology & Women's Studies
Analee "Betsy" Beisecker2000 Sociology, Preventive Medicine
Shirley Harkess1984 Sociology, Women's Studies
Ann P. Turnbull1994 Special Education
Nancy L. Peterson1994 Special Education
Margaret "Peg" Byrne1983 Speech & Language Pathology
Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka1997 Theatre and Film
Eleanor Scott Meyers1978 Theology
Karen R. Keesling1976 Women's Rights Activism, Military Affairs
Muriel Helen Johnson1986 Women's Studies
Sarah Jane Russell1993 Women's Studies, Counseling
Edith L. Taylor2004 Women's Studies, Higher Education
Ann Cudd2008 Women's Studies, Philosophy
Charlene L. Muehlenhard1993 Women's Studies, Psychology

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