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Anthony-Twarog, Barbara

Anthony-Twarog, PhD
Year Inducted: 
Barbara Anthony-Twarog
  • Conducts active research program in Observational Astronomy
  • Received international acclaim for the development and use of new telescope techniques
  • Minor planet 24265 Banthony twarog (1999 x6143) named in her honor
  • Proposal reviewer for the granting of telescope time at national facilities
  • On publication board of one of the field’s more important publications
  • Received University of Notre Dame Alumni Association Women’s Award of Achievement

As one of her students stated, “She has been a great example of a professional scientist, professor, wife, and mother.  By watching her juggle all of these responsibilities successfully I realized that wanting to obtain similar goals in my life was not at all unrealistic.  Dr. Twarog’s colleagues echo like sentiments.  Stephen Shawl, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, reveals that she has an excellent reputation outside the university.  She serves on the publication board of one of the field’s more important publications; reviews proposals for the granting of telescope time at national facilities; she serves on review panels for National Science Foundation graduate fellowships.  Over the years she has conducted an active research program in Observational Astronomy, traveling to an observatory in Chile where she is successful in obtaining viewing time on major telescopes through a vary competitive process.  For this research, she and her husband have received international acclaim for the development and use of new techniques.  And Thomas Armstrong, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, stated, “She has served the entire department with distinction, boundless energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and unselfishness.”  Armstrong further touts, “her work on the bases of stellar photometry and classification is not glamorous or in the popular press – but astronomers who know the fundamentals of the subject have expressed that her work will have a profound effect on how stellar astronomy is done for decades to come.”  But Dr. Twarog is not just working in national and universal ranks.  As noted by Sandra Albrecht, former Director of Women’s Studies, Dr. Twarog lives a balanced life by playing a significant role in local community outreach.  Know for her marvelous science “magic show”, this woman introduces science to students in primary schools, reflecting that KU is a place where science is both educational and fun.  Yet her demeanor is not summed up by her litany of contributions.  According to Sally Frost-Mason, now President of the University of Iowa, Dr. Twarog “is not into self-promotion…she takes pride and pleasure in her endeavors, but because of her gentle and unassuming manner, I suspect that she rarely receives the credit she is due.”

Honors & Achievements: 

Department of Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Teaching Award, 1993
Kansas Women's Hall of Fame, (1995, I think)
University of Notre Dame, Women's Award of Achievement, 1995
W. T. Kemper Fellowship, University of Kansas, 2004
Women of Distinction  calendar, 2004-2005

My very own asteroid – Minor Planet 24265, Banthonytwarog, named for me by the hard working amateur astronomers of the Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomy League

  • As a teacher, avoid discounting or under-estimating under-achieving students.
  • As a scientist, trust my own creative instincts about the questions I most want to answer.


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