GEMS Student Organization

Established in 2018, Gifted Empowered Motivated Sisters (GEMS) is a KU student organization that empowers Black women and femmes to become change leaders in their communities. 

GEMS aims to encourage Black women and femmes to break barriers and societal norms by using their unique gifts to create lasting contributions to the world. GEMS allows members to understand, access, and exhibit their skills and gifts through a professional and academic lens.

The purpose of GEMS is rooted is four objectives. First, to equip Black women and femmes with the confidence to lead, succeed, and challenge societal barriers and norms. Secondly, to form lasting relationships and healthy communities by creating an uplifting positive environment for Black women and femmes to be expressive and creative. Thirdly, to provide resources and tools for Black women and femmes to enhance their talents, gifts and skills. Lastly, to encourage Black women and femmes to access their voice and prowess.

For more information about GEMS, email or visit GEMS on Rock Chalk Central.

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