Sedgwick, Rae

Sedgwick, PhD, JD
Year Inducted: 
Rae Sedgwick
  • Member of the February Sisters who worked diligently to improve life at the University of Kansas for Women
  • Advanced degrees in Law, Nursing, and Psychology
  • Held political office as a member of the Bonner Springs City Council
  • Recognized in Who's Who of Law Students and Who's Who of Women
  • Author of the children's book The White Frame House and the nursing text Family Mental Health: Theory and Practice
  • Charter member to the Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center Advisory Board

Rae Sedgwick is truly a "doer".  Many students are unaware of the profound impact this woman has had on their lives.  As a graduate student at the University of Kansas during the early 1970's,  Dr. Sedgwick was a member of the February Sisters, a group of KU students, employees, and faculty wives whose efforts led to the creation of the Hilltop Child Development Center, the Women's Studies Program, the women's health clinic at Watkins Health Center, the Office of Affirmative Action, and the University Information Center.

Dr. Sedgwick has expertise in several areas, including nursing, psychology, writing, politics, and law.  She has advanced degrees in nursing and psychology.  In May of 1986, she graduated from the University with a Juris Doctor.  In addition to her formal academic training, she has travelled the world, delighting in embracing and learning from cultures other than her own.  When queried about her extensive education, her reply was quite humble, especially contrasted with her impressive list of accomplishments: "It helps me help others."

Dr. Sedgwick is a lesson in time management.  While in law school, she continued her full-time commitment to her private practice as a certified psychologist.  She somehow managed to squeeze in time to hold political office, serving terms on the Bonner Springs City Council.  She has memberships in several professional organizations, including the Kansas Bar Association, the Kansas Nursing Association, the Kansas Psychology Association, and has been recognized in Who's Who of Law Students and Who's Who of Women.  She has published numerous professional articles, a children's book entitled The White Frame House, and a nursing text, Family Mental Health: Theory and Practice.

She has served on the boards of the Bonner Springs United Methodist Church, the Bonner Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Wyandotte County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Coalition and the University of Kansas Alumni Association.  Dr. Sedgwick also holds the distinction of having been mentored by KU's former Dean of Women, Dr. Emily Taylor.  She worked under Dr. Taylor for several years, and was later appointed a charter member to the Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center Advisory Board.

Dr. Sedgwick is never a woman who says "I don't have time" or "I can't," but rather, "Let me know if I can help.  I'll do what I can."

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