Stump, Jeanne

Gass Stump, PhD
Year Inducted: 
  • Professor Emerita of Art History at the University of Kansas
  • Two years as editor of "The Register" of the KU Museum
  • Volunteered as a Red Cross Nurses Aide during W.W. II
  • Two teaching awards at KU

Dr. Stump receiver her BA in 1947 then her MA in Art History at the University of Kansas in1966, shortly followed by obtaining her Ph.D in Nineteenth Century French Art from the University of Kansas as well. Upon completing her Masters in 1966, Dr. Stump began teaching at the University of Kansas and taught here her entire career.

She has been a beloved educator and began inspiring others before officially becoming part of the KU faculty. While still an undergraduate she inspired a Woman of Distinction, Mary Klayder. Her talents as an educator and specialist in nineteenth century French art led to her winning the Standard Oil Teaching Award in 1969 and several teaching awards from the University of Kansas itself.

Today her legacy lives on through the graduate Art history Scholarship in her name now. Dr. Stump remains a Professor Emeritus of the Kress foundation department of art history at the University of Kansas.

  • Enter a field which you admire and adore.
  • Do your best to keep learning and giving your all to your job.
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  • Ritual and reality: prints of the Nabis

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