Teeter, Deborah

Deborah J.
Year Inducted: 
Deborah J. Teeter
  • University Director of KU Office of Institutional Research and Planning since 1975.

For the past forty years Deb Teeter has been the woman behind the curtain that is the University of Kansas. She is an expert in turning crunched numbers into analyses that inform decision makers and policies, along with  identifying opportunities that lead to real change. University administrators at all levels are quick to praise Deb as “an invaluable asset to the university” and a force that helps to “shape and support their vision for the university.” Like too many women, Deb works behind the scenes to help makes make things happen on campus without ever having her due time in the spotlight. The Center is proud to honor this incredible woman and push her into the spotlight she so deserves.  

Deb began working in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) in 1972, just after receiving her bachelors in business. Upon finishing her M.B.A. in 1975, Teeter was named Director of OIRP and has served in that role ever since.  Her work has enabled the university to plan for, and achieve, its goals for the past forty years.  Deb works with university administrators to ensure that they not only have the data and information they need to plan, but also that they understand how data can help them shape their department or office.

Her influence reaches outside the university as well. She has consulted nationally and internationally on quality management in higher education. Her collaborative nature helped spur the growth and role of the Association of American Universities Data Exchange, a group that works to improve higher education through the use of comparative data and analysis in support of university administrators.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Deb Teeter is the outpouring of praise, support and love found in the pages of her nomination. Thirteen directors of university institutional research offices, spanning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Stanford University, joined together to voice their sincere admiration of Deb. In one sentence Mabel Rice summed up why Deb Teeter is now a member of the KU Women’s Hall of Fame: “Deb’s contributions are out of sight of most people, but for those who have watched her in action-- she is truly inspiring.”

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