Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity (ETCWGE) at the University of Kansas seeks to support the personal, educational, and professional success of students through challenging patriarchal norms which impede full access to the university. Utilizing an intersectional feminist framework, we engage our community in expansive conversations around gender identity, raise awareness around inequity, and empower students to advocate for themselves and others at the University of Kansas and beyond.  


We envision a KU where people of all gender identities are able to learn and thrive in a safe and affirming community.  

Who We Serve:  

Though our work intentionally centers women, femmes, non-binary and trans individuals, all KU community members (including Edwards and KUMC campuses) and Lawrence community members are welcome to find meaningful ways to engage with us including visiting our space and attending our programs as appropriate.  

Our Feminism:  

  • We aim to challenge sexism as it intersects with other systems of oppression (including racism, abelism, classism, among others)  
  • We believe all people of all gender identities and expressions deserve the right to bodily autonomy, self-definition, respect, and safety.  
  • We promote healthier models of masculinity that push against the toxicity of the patriarchy.  

We use the definition of "feminism" as written by Black feminist scholar bell hooks in Feminism Is For Everybody: Passionate Politics:  

"Simply put, feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression."  

Our Services:  

  • Consultation & Personal Advising  
  • Programming 
  • Student Organization Advising  
  • Scholarships & Aid  
  • Mentorship 
  • Workshops & Facilitation 

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