Scholarships & Aid for Parents

Childcare Grants and Budget Adjustments

  • Student-parents that pay for childcare may increase their budget to account for these additional expenses.
  • Increasing their budget then allows the student to have additional aid to help pay for childcare.
  • This process does not guarantee there will be additional funding opportunities to help the student pay for childcare, however a student will always be contacted with their options after the adjustment is made.
  • See Childcare Grants and Budget Adjustments in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Policy Library for details. 

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Childcare Grant

  • The University of Kansas Student Senate allocates funds from the EOF for programs on the Lawrence campus.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships must apply for funds to support the child care grant on an annual basis.
  • Child care costs are added to the estimated cost of attendance (COA)
  • See Educational Opportunity Fund Childcare Grant on the Financial Aid & Scholarships website for details.

Terri Knoll Johnson Award

  • This award was established by Dr. Kelly Johnson to honor his wife Terri, who died of breast cancer in 2005.
  • This award is designated to support current full time KU students who are a parent/guardian to a minor child and identify as woman (cis or trans).  
  • Please find out more about this award on the Terri Knoll Johnson Award page.