Nikita Haynie

Nikita Haynie
  • Director


Nikita earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in African American Studies from Clayton State University, a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from the University of Omaha Nebraska. To her position as Director, she brings ten years of progressive experience in Higher Education in supporting students in their developmental journey by creating a mode of self-discovery and providing a safe and inclusive campus community experience. She has a fervor for writing as bringing awareness to the historical disenfranchisement and silencing of Black women's voices and their experiences within the literary canon as a feminist practice rooted in the tenets of Black Feminist Thought. She has written for a plethora of platforms writing content intersecting Black womanhood, faith, and culture. Nikita is committed to enriching the holistic student experience through an intersectional feminist lens.

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