Learn Self-Defense Techniques with Em Hull


While the COVID-19 pandemic prohibits us from safely offering our regular in-person Self-Defense Workshops for the time-being, ETCWGE volunteer Em Hull (she/her) has created a series of videos discussing and demonstrating Krav Maga-based self-defense techniques. See below for a playlist of all fourteen episodes as well as links and content descriptions for individual episodes.


Em is a KU undergraduate, certified assistant instructor with Premier Martial Arts Lawrence, and the president of the KU Krav Maga Club. She has practiced Krav Maga-based self defense for the past eleven years. If you have any questions for Em, please reach out to her by email at

EPISODE 1: In this episode, we meet Em Hull, a KU undergraduate and certified assistant instructor with Premier Martial Arts in Lawrence, KS. Em shares why Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity encourages all people to learn self-defense techniques and why we have partnered to bring you this series.

EPISODE 2: Em shares a variety of warm-up exercises integrating self defense techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday workouts. Em includes some variations and tips for participants experiencing mobility or injury issues.

EPISODE 3: Em discusses violent crime statistics, victim selection processes, and suggestions for risk reduction. She also explains why Krav Maga, as a form of self-defense, works well for people regardless of age, size, or strength.

EPISODE 4: Em demonstrates framing, effective self-defense stance, shuffling, and a "shoulder tag" drill for you to practice with a partner.

EPISODE 5: Em demonstrates combatives and strikes. She illustrates how to properly palm strike, chamber and re-chamber, groin kick, make a fist, and punch. She concludes with an exercise combining palm strikes or punches and sprawls or burpees, which you may try at home. 

EPISODE 6: Em discusses the right of self-defense as well as the limitations of self-defense as a legal defense. She outlines the defense of self-defense, including important definitions and self-defense laws.

EPISODE 7: Em illustrates the sequence of Krav Maga self-defense principles by working with a partner to demonstrate how to break free from common wrist grabs.

EPISODE 8: Em provides viewers with an overview of the main principles of Krav Maga.

EPISODE 9: Em demonstrates choke defense techniques.

EPISODE 10: Em discusses using everyday tools ─ like umbrellas, water bottles, backpacks, and keys ─ to aid in self-defense.

EPISODE 11: Em discusses ground defense tactics that incorporate principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga.

EPISODE 12: Em continues her discussion of Krav Maga ground defense tactics. She demonstrates how to front kick, side kick, and roundhouse kick from the ground.

EPISODE 13: Em discusses signs of emotional and psychological abuse. She highlights the differences in our societal responses to physical violence versus emotional and psychological abuse. Finally, she shares resources for victims and survivors of abuse.

EPISODE 14: Em shares options for continuing your self-defense education.


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