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Truglio, Rosemarie T.

Year Inducted: 
  • Oversees educational research for Sesame Street
  • Led her department in winning the Annenberg Public Policy Award

In 1997, Dr. Rosemarie Truglio joined Sesame Workshop as the Senior Vice President for Global Curriculum and Content. She is responsible for the development of the curriculum shown on Sesame Street, and oversees all of the educational research for the show. Dr. Truglio and her team are constantly working to enhance the educational and entertainment content of the show. Truglio has written numerous articles, presented her work at international conferences, and is the co-editor for G is for growing: Thirty years of research on children and Sesame Street.

Dr. Truglio’s leadership of the Sesame Workshop creates an incredible impact. The effects of Dr. Truglio’s research will be seen for decades, in the minds of children who grew up watching Sesame Street. Research has shown that high school students who watched the program when they were in preschool receive better grades in their classes and read more books than the average student. Her work creates a long-lasting effect, and we will continue to see those effects in the lives of children who grew up watching the show. When accepting the Annenberg Public Policy Award for her innovative development process, Truglio said that her goal was “to help children reach their highest potential through the use of media.”

Dr. Truglio was only 20 when she started her graduate program at the University of Kansas, attending without even visiting the campus first. KU has made a huge impact on Truglio’s professional career. In an interview with the KU Alumni Association, Truglio said, “I’m much more of a nurturing mentor than if I went to a different type of academic institution. There was this collaboration that was at the core of the department’s mission...that’s transformational for me.”

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